Optical coatings

High-reflective | Anti-reflective | UV to IR


Optical coatings

Sumipro has an in-house coating facility to tailor your high-end coating requirements to your needs, realizing faster delivery times by a seamless follow up directly after turning or fly-cutting. Where traditional coating companies are unused to cleaning metal substrates, Sumipro has extensive experience how to do this, creating better adhesion and durability for your coatings. We can tailor our coating designs to your desired wavelength ranges and or transmission/reflectivity requirements using various dielectric materials with optimization ranging from UV to IR.


A fully modernized coating facility has been realized in 2020. We developed a complete new operating system from scratch for the refurbished Balzers BAK 550 and BAK 600 coating chambers. Both machines are equipped with a Telemark Ion Assisted Deposition system. They can completely controlled by touchscreens and wireless tablets. Specific data is collected each run to make our coatings reproducable. All coatings can be tailored to customer designs.

Mirror coatings:
Gold, bare & protected
Silver, protected
Alu, bare, protected, enhanced

AR coatings:
For polymers in VIS range up to R < 0,5%

Balzers BAK 550 with Telemark ST55 IAD
Balzers BAK 600 with Telemark 3000 IAD

Coating machines