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Why choose Sumipro

25+ years of experience in diamond turning

Sumipro is specialized in prototyping and small series production. We help you during design with manufacturability of your products, create prototypes and after that manufacture 0-series or small series production. We use SPDT (single point diamond turning) machines to create (a)spherical, Fresnel or diffrax patterns, off axis parabola’s, elliptical lenses and other freeform mirrors, lenses and inserts for injection molding.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Specialized in single pieces and small series
  • Freeform optics, off-axis, torics, cylinders
  • Fast delivery
  • In-house coatings
  • Support in design & engineering
  • Open innovation culture
  • Flexible attitude

Turning ideas into products


What we do

Diamond turning

Single Point Diamond Turning is a precision manufacturing technique using a diamond tipped tool to create precision optical components that call for extremely high levels of form accuracy and surface finish. Sumipro can diamond turn all kinds of non-ferro metals, optical plastics and crystalline materials used for night vision applications. Products include off axis parabolic, elliptical and free form mirrors, aspheric lenses, infrared lenses and inserts for injection molding.


With the ultra-precision (UP) machines made by LT Ultra, single point fly cutting uses the same process and methods as diamond turning. Now the roles between lathe and object are switched: the tooltip is in motion and the object is in rest. Due to this setup, extremely flat optical surfaces can be created in mainly all kinds of non-ferro metals for optical-grade mirrors and high precision tooling. These parts are often used in optical measurement applications, laser systems and air bearings.

Optical coatings

No optical surface is finished without an optical coating, delivering custom tailored reflection spectra and enhanced durability requirements (according to MIL and ISO specifications). We offer various reflective optical coatings for metal mirrors, e.g. protected aluminum, gold and silver. Enhanced reflectivity is also possible, but depends on your specification and wavelength range. We offer coatings starting at 200 nm up to 5 µm. All of our coatings are tested and inspected before shipping.


In our metrology lab we have various systems to check and measure the performance of our diamond turned optics, e.g.:

- Zygo 4 inch interferometer for off axis parabolic mirrors and spherical lenses.
- LT Ultra 6 inch interferometer for flat metal mirrors.
- Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf PGI 840 for aspherical surface form error and roughness.
- Photon RT spectrophotometer, measuring from 200 nm up to 5 µm.
- MarSurf WI 50M white light interferometer 3D Profilometer
- Weiss Technik climate chamber for durability testing

Some of our amazing clients
We’ve Worked with


We at Varjo appreciate the speed and reliability of Sumipro. With our rapid RnD, receiving design lenses for prototypes within a week is something that we were unable to find anywhere else. Sumipro is important partner for Varjo, that we are proud of having.


Sumipro is one of Helbling’s go to suppliers for precision custom optics for our customers. The Sumipro team provides invaluable development and manufacturing support for diamond turning of custom micro lenses and mirrors. Sumipro’s reliable inspection data and delivery dates is highly appreciated.


Sumipro has been a valued supplier to Demcon for years of high quality optical products such as lenses and mirrors for high-tech equipment developed by Demcon. Sumipro's knowledge and feedback, already during the development process of this equipment, strongly contributes to optimal optical products in terms of quality, manufacturability and price.

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