HMD Eurofighter optics by Sumipro

Eurofighter programme
Eurofighter Typhoon is one of the world’s most advanced new generation multi-role/swing-role combat aircraft available on the market. With 707 aircrafts ordered by six nations(Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Austria and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and in service, the aircraft is Europe’s largest military collaborative programme.

The Head Equipment Assembly (HEA) comprises the aircrew helmet and all the sub-system elements needed to display a real world overlaid picture on the helmet visor. Aircraft systems provide target and flight information which the HEA can combine with its in-built night vision enhanced outside world image and project them together on to the helmet display visor, exactly overlaying the aircrew’s outside world view by means of a high speed helmet tracking system.

The Eurofighter Typhoon Helmet Equipment Assembly represents the state-of -the-art for Helmet Mounted Displays. It incorporates a Head Tracking System (HTS) which effectively informs the aircraft system where the pilot is looking. This means that the Eurofighter Typhoon pilot can direct missiles by looking in the direction of a target and locking the missile on to that target. The pilot can maintain the target visually and designate the target even at angular extremes such as the elusive “over the shoulder” shot. The outstanding achievement of HEA is to bring together an array of advanced technologies and systems in a single integrated operational helmet. The capabilities offered by HEA set Eurofighter Typhoon apart and offer aircrew a key tactical advantage in combat.

HMD Optics by Sumipro
Sumipro delivers some of the state-of-the-art optics for the Eurofighter helmet to Thales Nederland B.V. Sumipro was chosen because of the remarkable diamond turning capabilities which led to weight minimization and material choice for impact resistance. Sumipro has been actively supporting Thales Nederland B.V. from the development phase till production and this turned out to be one of the key factors of realizing the demanding specifications for this particular helmet.