For years, X-rays are taken to inspect pipes and especially for determining the corrosion of pipe walls. For the analysis of these photographs one is dependent on experienced experts that can ‘read’ the X-rays. For inexperienced viewers, it is often impossible to see what is on X-ray pictures.

Recently however, there are a number of developments and X-ray analysis of photographs for businesses are becoming more accessible. Thus, more accurate images are made with lower radiation levels. Besides that, social trends such as the digital patient records allow lower prices of digital X-ray equipment. Right now complete digital pipe inspection equipment are available at about €120,000. Using the digital X-ray technology in combination with our software we can provide a solution for the time-consuming analysis of  X-rays. This makes the cost for the analysis of pipes and associated reports significantly less expensive and even more consistently implementable.

Photograph of a corroded pipe. The left picture is the original, the right picture uses enhanced Sumipro software.

Sumipro BV has developed intelligent software for the interpretation of X-ray images, such as pipe wall photographs. This software provides an enormous enhancement for inexperienced viewers, making the picture much more readable. Moreover, it is able to identify fully automatically pipe walls and conduct a wall thickness measurement. The analysis is much faster and more consistent than traditional methods. This software is not only a useful tool for the inexperienced viewer, but also for the expert. The computer can reflect more accurately the “density” in determining the X-ray image than through the naked eye, especially in areas which are very dark or very bright. This density must be accurately determined for wall thickness up to a tenth of a millimeter to measure.

Automatic wall thickness measurement


Dutch PDF: Xray analyse