Optical components for precision moulding of optics for example are realized with a very high degree of accuracy. We charge competitive prices for our products while in the meantime delivering far more accuracy than you will get with inserts from the shelves from the standard optic suppliers. For instance, our inserts have tolerances in focus lengths within 0.1 % instead of the typical 1 till 5%.

Mould inserts

Sumipro specializes in aspherical optical components and diffrax surfaces for inserts. Mould inserts have diameters from 0.3 mm up to 300 mm and are most often realized in steel or nickel coated on brass for optimal surface form accuracy and minimum roughness. Mould inserts of Sumipro are used for:
• lenses for camera’s
• 2D and 3D viewers
• Intra-ocular lenses
• contact lenses

Consultancy and design

Besides manufacturing we help with designing, engineering and rapid prototyping of your optical components and inserts. We are often able to supply you with new ideas and innovative solutions. We want to help our customers choose the right optical components and creating superior optical systems. Our engineers are specialized in designing aspherical and non rotational symmetric optic components to achieve systems with high performance and less components.

Pre-production series

Sumipro offers pre-production series and fast prototyping of optics in plastics and prototypes of inserts in aluminium. The pre-production series are made with the same tools as the final inserts and therefore customers are offered practical proof of the functionality of the lens design. Before realizing the final inserts, these can also be checked by prototyping in aluminium.

Quality control

Although the diamond turning machines can very accurately shape lenses, nevertheless errors can occur. With our Form Tallysurf PGI 840 for aspheric measurements, we can prove that the specified form of the lens has been realized.

Specifications mould inserts:

(based on insert of 40 mm diameter in nickel)
• Inserts from diameters of 0,3 till 300 mm.
• Form accuracy better than 100nm.
• Roughness (Ra) of better than 4 nm.