Technical Optics

  • Mirror surfaces

    We are able to cut aluminium and other non-ferro materials to shine, not like a mirror but better.
    We have many years of experience to make the surface shine and reflect almost all of the light, reflection of >95% is very common in our company.

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  • Mirror Optics

    We offer a wide variety of mirrors for various industries. Mirrors are frequently in demand by the scientific community and research institutes. Our mirrors are also used in light applications for LED’s, laser applications, UV-products and for space systems.

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  • Mould Inserts

    We specialize in aspherical optical components and diffrax surfaces for inserts. Inserts for moulds have diameters from 0.3 mm up to 300 mm and are most often realized in steel or nickel coated on brass for optimal surface form accuracy and minimum roughness.

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  • Optical Polymers

    Polymer optical components can give you a great design advantage. Aspherical surfaces are easily and very accurately produced. As a consequence you can create better optics for your applications. The same holds true for inserts for moulds and hot embossing applications.

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  • IR Optics

    Our IR lenses are used in night vision and thermal imaging applications.
    Using our custom made aspheric lenses and diffrax patterns and state of the art imaging systems for night vision are realized for demanding customers in homeland security industries.

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  • Polygon optics

    Sumipro is also your partner in optics about polygon concerns. We can provide exclusive polygons with astounding accuracy. The accuracy is roundtable 40 Nanometer, and an angle accuracy of 0.2 arcsecond. We are also capable of reproducing this within 3 nanometer.

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