Sumipro manufactures high quality air bearings for various industrial applications. With our diamond tooling machines, we are capable of producing extreme surface finishes. As one of the few diamond lathing manufacturers from the Netherlands, we hold a reputable track record with many well known companies.

Example of an air bearing
Example of an air bearing

Air bearings are used in all kind of high accuracy applications like positioning systems, wafer steppers, and measurement machines, which all demand an ultra high motion precision. These air bearings support and guide objects on a thin film of air with air gaps below 10 μm. They take care of near absolute repeatability, friction free movement and very low vibration levels, making high accuracy measurements possible.

To view a short video clip on the production of air bearings, click here.


Air bearings used in ASML’s TwinScan:

Measurement report:

We typically measure air bearings with our interferometers. For more information on our metrology, please see this page.

Example of an air bearing measurement report
Example of an air bearing measurement report


– Materials: Aluminum ,brass ,copper , all kinds of non ferrous materials
– Repeatability: 30 Ångström


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