The powerful optical measuring system for any radius > 20 micron with an accuracy of approx. 300 nm. Together with IMIX we developed the Tool Radius Check, a measuring system primarily developed for measuring radius and waviness of tools.

Easy and accurate measurement of  a tool radius within 5 seconds is within your reach:  just put your tool under the microscope, position, focus and push a button.

This validated system helps precision tool makers to improve and standardize the quality of their products. Not only for radius measurement but also for facet or pointed shapes.

The Tool Radius Check is an optical measuring system, primarily developed for measuring radius and waviness of tools. The radius of the tool or other object should be in the range of 10 micron to 20 mm.

The measurement is performed by an analysis of a microscope-image of the tool. It is accurate (+/- 200 nm), fast (less than 3 seconds) and without any contact to the tool avoiding any damages to it. A report is directly presented to the user. The results can be printed on a customized print-out based on an existing template of the user.

Positioning and focussing of the object is shown in real-time motion on the desktop monitor. This image can be zoomed/panned easily.

The measuring system consists of a PC and a high-resolution, high-sensitive CCD camera, which can be mounted on top of a suitable microscope. As an alternative for the microscope an optical set-up can be offered. The system is even more reliable thanks to operator independend automatic calibration.

Optional Measurements:
Top / rake angle
Facet length
Inversed radii
Manual: point-point length, three point and four point angle
Online measurement on machine

In measurement of precision tools, accuracy is essential. Though this necessity is quite understood, there is a lack of uniformity in definitions of what is measured. Terms like waviness and peak value are easily mixed up. TRC measures the following:

tool radius: 
The grind radius of the circle-shaped part of the tool

this is what some users call ‘long wave waviness’. This is the average of the measured deviations of the surface of the tool compared to a perfect circle shape.
Sometimes this ‘long wave waviness’ is mixed by with the ‘short wave waviness’. This is the average of the measured deviations of a small part of the surface of the tool compared to a perfect circle shape.

peak value: 
This is the largest measured deviation of the surface of the tool compared to the perfect circle shape. (In fact it is the worst case in the short wave waviness!).