During the whole process of design and realisation of optical and imaging systems we help clients from the beginning of the formulation of the problem to the reliable operation of the delivered systems. This process consists typically of the following steps (3D’s):

  1. Define: formulation of the problem and an investigation into possible solutions.
  2. Design: development and test of a prototype.
  3. Deploy: final design and manufacturing of the system.

Throughout these phases we work closely together with the customer to realize a result which meets the expectations. At the end of each step a clear and concise report is included to help the customer decide with which design the next step can be taken best. Throughput times are largely dependant of the complexity of the problem, but in general we take about one to three weeks to finish one of these phases.

We design optical systems for the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Astronomy
  • Automotive
  • Health care & Medical
  • Homeland Security
  • Industrial Inspection & Maintenance
Past Projects:

Some of our past projects include:
IPL project:
Sumipro designed a new mirror for a IPL machine with which the optical output significantly increased.

X-ray imaging application:
At the beginning of 2006 Sumipro has developed an imaging-enhancement application for digitally X-ray images of pipes.

Operating microscope:
In 2006, a set of dedicated aspherical doublet lenses was developed for a lightweight microscope.

Tool Radius Check: The Tool Radius Check is an optical measuring system, primarily developed for measuring radius and waviness of tools.