In the past these coatings could only be applied to glass optics reliably. On polymer optics these coatings do not survive mechanical stress tests. Using our new coating technology (patent pending) and a newly designed sophisticated coating process, optical polymers can now be coated with the same coatings as glass optics and still withstand the standard optical stress tests. Please refer to our coating specifications for more details.

In more complex imaging systems AR coatings are needed to realize that enough light comes through, since every lens reflects around 4% of the light without coatings.

Together with partners SolMateS BV and the University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands), Sumipro has developed a process to supply optical polymers with coatings normally used for high quality glass optics like anti-reflection coatings. A reliable process for supplying coatings on polymer optics was up till now not available for the optics industry. But this has now changed. All the advantages of optical polymers including AR-coatings are available through Sumipro for high quality optical polymer systems.

Advantages of polymer optics
Optical polymers have great advantages in size, weight and aspherical design possibilities for optical designers. By using aspherical surfaces less lenses are needed and so even a greater reduction in size and weight can be achieved. By giving these lenses coatings there are no further barriers to use polymer optics instead of glass lenses. Furthermore, Sumipro manufactures the corresponding inserts for moulding the optics for mass production. After moulding, the lenses can then be given a coating and are still very attractive for mass production.