We are able to cut aluminium and other non-ferro materials to shine, not like a mirror but better. We have many years of experience to make the surface shine and reflect almost all of the light, reflection of  >95% is very common in our company.

For competitive prices, and the engineeringmetrology, accuracy, and knowledge of a modern company we can provide you with custom made optics, and we can add another satisfied costumer on our list.

Here is a example for the finish cut that we can provide:

Example aluminium finish mirror surface

The edge of the product is bare aluminium, and the round center is mirror-like. Off course is this possible for all kind of non-ferro materials, and all shapes and sizes. The maximum for rotational symmetric is diameter 360mm, but we can adjust this setting for customer confiniants.

The maximum for non-rotational symmetrical is product depending, but in our 20 years experience as a company and over 35 years experience as precision engineers we can solve almost every problem.

Also our reproduction is of the highest accuracy, we can reproduce our products within 3 nano-meters. Please feel free to let us offer you a quotation on your products.