Our Germanium Infrared (IR) Aspheric Lenses provide diffraction limited focusing performance over a broad spectral range in the mid- and long Wave infrared regions. Ideal for monochromatic light sources, such as quantum cascade lasers, these lenses offer a high performance alternative to standard plano-convex lenses.

Example of a front lens with DLC coating
Example of a front lens with DLC coating

Each aspheric lens is available non-coated, or with BBAR coating options. Uncoated germanium has transmission of <50%, so custom anti-reflection (AR) coatings should be considered if specifying an uncoated lens. Each BBAR coated lens offers >95% transmission and <0.5% reflection, making it ideal for integration into a variety of OEM applications. For custom design or coating options, please contact us.

Possible lens geometries:

  • Spherical
  • Aspherical
  • Fresnel and diffrax patterns
  • Off -axis
  • Parabola’s, ellipses


  • Germanium
  • Silicon
  • High purity silicon


  • Part size germanium: till 240 mm
  • Part size silicon: till 150 mm
  • Surface Roughness (Ra): < 5 nm
  • Form accuracy (PV) < 300 nm

Please inform us if you have different specification needs.