Sumipro is your partner in the development and manufacturing of optical components and systems. Optical components for the defense and aerospace industries are realized with a very high degree of accuracy. We charge competitive prices for our products while in the meantime delivering far more accuracy than you will get with optics from the shelves of standard optic suppliers. For instance, our lenses have tolerances in focus lengths within 0.1 % instead of the typical 5 till 10%.


Besides manufacturing we help with designing, engineering and rapid prototyping of your optical components or systems and are often able to supply you with new ideas and innovative solutions. Our services in technical optics are:

– Consultancy and design: We want to help our customers choosing the right optical components and creating the right optical systems. We therefore offer consultancy for helping you out with whatever opticalchallenge. Our engineers have proven to be creative in their quest for innovative solutions.

Manufacturing optical components: We recognize two major disciplines in this field:

  • Human optics: medical applications with the focus on optical elements for eye corrections
  • Technical optics: optics used in aerospace, defense and other business industries

– Assembling optical components into optical systems: With our facilities we are able to assemble optical systems in managed environments with respect to dust, temperature and humidity.

Testing of components and systems: We have equipment to test our components and will gladly supply our components with a test report. Otherwise we can also offer test services for optical components from other manufacturers.