The operating microscope (Earview) is a joint-venture project between People Creating Value and Sumipro. The optical components were designed by us whereas the product design was done by People Creating Value. This project is currently awaiting an entry to market. For more detailed information please contact us.

The Challenge

Earview prototype

Surgeons everywhere rely on stereoscopic operating microscopes that generate good three-dimensional views of details in recesses, narrow cavities and long channels. Here, the design needed in the first instance to be tailored to surgical operations performed in the third world, while also meeting the stringent requirements of more advanced settings. This called for a product integrating high-precision optics and a robust, ergonomic design.

Earview core

The solution

Based on the partners’ knowledge of the market and applications the product was defined and developed into a small series of working prototypes for demo purposes. Next to excellent optical properties, the major requirements of the product include wearing comfort, optical adjustability and LED illumination.