Dutch Sigma Presents: Optical Precision Scanner

Dutch Sigma has developed the Optical Precision Scanner (OPS); an optical non-contact measurement scanner that can be fitted directly to any CNC milling or lathing machine.  It is specifically designed by Dutch Sigma to measure large parts of up to 2m³ with high precision (> 10 micron). It is also capable of calibrating high quality milling/lathing machines.

Unlike touch probe CMM’s, the OPS does not come in contact with the work piece; and thus cannot make scratches or impair surface tolerances. A built-in temperature sensor allows the OPS to operate on the shop floor without losing accuracy. An expensive lab is therefore not required in order to carry out measurements. Furthermore, the work piece does not need to move to a measuring machine, the OPS will come to the work piece. This saves valuable production time and money. The OPS can be moved to any CNC machine easily and effortlessly, as it only weighs 5kg.

Applications: The OPS can be used in many situations and for a variety of measurements:

  • 3D Form Inspection (including surface & roughness measurement)
  • Reverse engineering
  • In-process measurement
  • Shop floor operable
  • Machine tool calibration