We use the following technologies :

Figure 1: Evaporation
Figure 1: Evaporation

Evaporation (e-beam and boat sources)

–          Highly versatile in materials

–          Flexible in substrate shapes

–          High quality for anti-reflection coatings

–          High quality for metal coatings

–          Medium quality for demanding dielectric filters

E-beam Deposition

The manufacturing process involved for optical coatings is both labour intensive and time consuming. The factors that influence the cost of a coating are the number of optics being coated, type of optic, the number of layers in the coating and number of coated surfaces on the optic. The deposition process used to apply the coating also plays a huge factor in coating cost. Furthermore, a great deal of prep work is necessary to ensure the highest level of quality in every coated optic.

Cleaning and preparation of optics prior to coating is a vital part of the process. An optical element being coated must have a clean surface for the coating to adhere. Also, any stains on the substrate that are not removed can often be enhanced by the coating.

In the near future Sumipro will be able to add the E-beam deposition technology to its coating department. This process involves an electron beam melting the surface of the layer material at temperatures up to 3000°C within a vacuum chamber. The evaporated material is then energized by an ion beam that provides improved adhesion onto the substrate which creates a denser final coating.

IAD Evaporation(Ion Assisted Deposition)

Figure 2: IAD
Figure 2: IAD

–          Evolution and evaporation technology combining the advantages of evaporation technology with plasma processing

–          High quality precision filter and anti-reflection coatings

–          Reduced process temperature

–          Low-defect optical coating processes

–          Plasma pre-treatment of substrate surfaces

PLD (Pulsed Laser Deposition)

PLD has been used to produce coatings for:

–          Biomedical applications

–          Solar cells

–          Superconductors

Due to low thermal load, ideally suited for plastic coating. Such as PC, PMMA

Such coatings have been deposited at a rate of up to 1.5µcm2/sec, which is faster than is possible compared to other coating techniques such as physical vapour deposition (PVD) and chemical vapour deposition (CVD).