At Sumipro we know optics are high quality products and need to be handled carefully during manufacturing, quality control and last but not least: shipment to the customer. So we take great care of your products. This means of course that we also are able to supply all our products with full measurement data with the help of various measurements equipment at our premises.

Measuring equipment
In our laboratory we have the following equipments at our disposal:

  • Co-ordinate microscopes with an accuracy of less than 2 microns
  • Foci meter and dioptre meter
  • Wyko-400 IOL interferometer
  • Zygo- Intellywave interferometer
  • Talysurf PGI 1240 to measure lens profiles and roughness


We use our Talysurf to check the surface of aspherical and toric mirrors, lenses and other non spherical optical components.

Besides these devices, several specific designed measuring devices have been made for specific applications.


Please use our ISO certificate if necessary: